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Auricular Therapy to Treat COVID 19 Related Anxiety.


During the pandemic of Covid 19, we are all under new and enormous stress.  Being at home, worrying or dealing with family and friends health, staying healthy and economics to name a few.  We see it all over the news and it can be daunting.  Perhaps we have gotten some good advice on self-care, meditation and breathing techniques and exercise. 

Auricular therapy or acupuncture points on the ear are used frequently in Chinese Medicine.  If you have already had a session with me, most likely I have treated your ears with acupuncture needles and or sent you home with "ear pellets". 
The points on the ears are very close to the brain, so they release neurotransmitters and endorphins very quickly which are calming and healing. 

For a general understanding of the ear in acupuncture, it is an upside down baby in utero. All of the upper body points are on the lobe area, lower body points are on the upper "flappy" part of the ear and the mid-section and internal areas are on the middle part of the ear.  Specific point combinations are designed for specific symptoms.  For example, there is a point combination of upper, middle and lobe for stress and anxiety.  Therefore, massaging the entire ear at home and pressing the three sections of the ear can stimulate those points as well.  This is good to do throughout the day, 2-3 minutes at a time, both ears or alternate ears as needed.  Breathing calmly and deeply while doing this is also very helpful to relieve stress and anxiety. 

For further assistance on how to obtain ear pellets, point pictures or other ear combinations of treatment such as pain or headaches, feel free to contact me for a phone or telemedicine session at 941-228-1534.

Please keep an eye out for future blog posts for health and well-being.  Stay safe and be well.